Want to serves grilled chicken as a special celebration menu? If so, make sure you select and process the chicken properly.

"To roast a chicken, you should choose a fresh not frozen because the meat is more tender," says Chef Deden Gumilar, Executive Chef of The Park Lane, quoted from Okezone.
According to him, it is better to choose a live chicken and cut compared to buying directly chicken pieces. A fresh meat will be a great meal.
"Chicken good life about three months old," he continued.
In the roasting process, make sure the chicken is cooked perfectly. Chickens meat that still contain blood, can contain live salmonella bacteria.
"The chicken grilled menu, that must need attention when cooking. Chickens should really cook, there should be no blood at all time will be eaten, including the bones, especially chicken half-done," he explained.
If you are going to use charcoal when grilling chicken, you should be careful. Do not let the cock
fat  fell into the fire. If you want to bake raw chicken, better use boneless chicken and cut into small pieces. Therefore, it is safer to boil chicken before roasting in the embers of the fire.
"Chicken fat contains sugar, when it fell to the charcoal will cause harmful carcinogenic gases. This gases will hit the chicken meat, and when eaten will cause cancer," he said.
Further, he suggested to not pierce the surface of the chicken using a sharp object, such as a fork or knife. To make sure the chicken is cooked should be adequately suppressed. Because it can damage the skin, the blood will likely fall into charcoal.
Finally, Chef Deden added when roasting a chicken in the air should be sufficient oxygen content. And, make sure the flame is not too small or large. Also to set the heat of the charcoal, you can use water. If too hot, then flush with water, it prevent the meat from charred on the outside but raw on the inside

There so many premium kitchenroom design that will give strong impression about its owner, you can build the luxurious type, or just simple but efficient ones. But still everyone have their preference, and when you have enough money to build the premium one, it just matter of taste

This design combine modern with simple arrangement, the stainless steel looks, dominated the kitchen color and meet the chromed furniture such as dinning table, chair, fridge. Its gives strong impression and increase the clean feel at the kitchen room

The lighting gives warm ambience, and definitely make the diner ocassion more classy, also the floor color mix well with those strong coloring from the furniture and kitchen equipment. Its good for your refrence

Limited space for the dining room is not a disaster. You can make it integrated with a kitchen. How about the size of her kitchen too small?

It is also not a big deal. You can still make a mini dining room. Because, its not necessarily that the dining room contains a dining table with four or more seats. Mini bar table with two bar stool was actually sufficient.

In addition, it is easier to unite the dining room with a kitchen. Thus, you've definitely have to save the space. Being in a house measuring 80 square meters, for example, it is not too much choice can be made. But, that does not mean to eliminate spaces that serve vital.

That's why, you can put together a kitchen with dining area. Do not just put a table and chairs in the kitchen area, but really unify the kitchen table.

The existence of a dining table for example, you can substitute with the bar that blends with the wall. Indirectly, it has become a part of your kitchen set. The dining table can also function as a work area in the kitchen, especially if it is not being used for dining.

The dining room that blends with the kitchen it will be more practical for your small house. Because the dishes from the kitchen can be directly served and eaten. Clean it was easy, because it blends with the kitchen.

For a new couple, who doesn't really need a dining room with a capacity of more than two people, the idea is certainly you should try. Happy creating! 
Leisure activities in the kitchen does not depend on the size of the kitchen room or expensive equipment. Cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen is essential for comfort in cooking or dining with the whole family.


For that, its best to arrange the storage of food, food ingredients and other cooking supplies neatly. If necessary, you can use some tips on storage in the kitchen following:
Efficient storage

First, make a drawer in your kitchen as efficient storage. Take advantage of airtight plastics for storing dry foods. Apart from being a place to put spices, drawers can also be utilized as a place to put plates, bowls, and cups.

Second, use measuring cups or cup of food as a garnish. If necessary, make a list size as a decoration in your kitchen.

In addition to utilizing airtight plastic, you can also use mason jars. Unique jar shape, you can also hang it on the bottom shelf with cabinet. Glue the lid jars on your kitchen base cabinets. If you need the contents of the jar, you just need to rotate the jar.

Ornament hanger

Hang the speakers cups. In addition to decorating the kitchen, hanging cups can also be easier for you to cook.

Finally, hang your cooking gear! Create your own rack to put pot and use the bottom for hanging cooking utensils.

Make your own shelf

Finally, hang your cooking gear! Create your own rack to put pot and use the bottom for hanging cooking utensils.

A Bright kitchen bring positive things to the family who own it. Also the kitchen light to make cooking easier.

In addition, the bright light of the kitchen can also be a place for the whole family chatting comfortably. For that, you need to make sure there is always a bright light in your kitchen by following steps:
Upgrade architecture

Older houses generally have a dark kitchen. Construction of the cause of the sun can not get into the kitchen in considerable numbers.

Therefore, improving the architectural features of a home can be one of the solutions to increase the intake of sunlight into the dark kitchen. How, install skylights, atrium, or a large window over your kitchen. However, consult to architect consultant .

In addition to these large windows, you can also install solar tube. By installing it, the sun can get into your kitchen through the tube. The second solution is right for you who have a kitchen in the basement or under the attic.

Remove curtains

Another solution is to uninstall the simpler curtains that can absorb sunlight. If you are reluctant to let go of the curtains, you should choose the material thinner and lighter curtains such as cotton and linen.

Use creative ways

Another way to make your kitchen brighter is to use creative ways. Use double glass-fronted kitchen cabinets.

This Cabinet can pass enough light into the room. Select also unique lamps as modern themed chandelier. In addition, provide a source of lighting as much as possible so that your kitchen looks bright.

Optimize kitchen furniture

Finally, maximize the furniture that you already have in the kitchen. repaint your kitchen cabinets with a lighter color, add headlights and light ambience. In addition, updated seat cushions on your dining table, as well as brightly colored tablecloths.
who would not want to have a luxury dream kitchen set, and wide? of course everyone wants to have it, you can certainly imagine what can be done in the room with the family, and often the place of the precious moments in a family

Of course, the main thing that must be met is a broad area of ​​the home, as well as funds to build it, as both of these are met, it is time to use it properly

funds often have a lot of time and space, instead of people getting confused to build the ideal kitchen set and classy, a lot of wasted money eventually because either buy supplies or buying too many supplies kitchens that really are not needed, maybe some tips article in this blog can help you


Here is the kitchen set design with a spacious room, with white dominating the equipment, such as a ceiling, bench, chair, cabinet, and wall, together with a textured brown wood floors, give a warm atmosphere of the room, in addition to another table with finishing wood fibers are mixed with the concept of the kitchen room. detailed floor with a small spotlight on the cabinet and the bottom of the table, adds a clean, simple but luxurious

On the side of the kitchen is directly connected with views of the garden, giving beauty and natural feel in the kitchen, lined with insulation that can be easily opened and closed, so that air circulation is really make the room fresh

By design kitchen set like this, who would not like to linger spend time in it? either family members or guests would have been happy to indulge in it
Still about minimalist design kitchen set, yesterday i just posted about some reference minimalist design and its variants, and today lets try another kitchen set arrangement, which you might use (of course according to your taste )

The following is an excellent set of kitchen design utilizing a narrow place, namely the use of the space under the stairs

Staining using a panel with gray, white colours at the walls, sweetened with brown wood of the stairs, making it appear compact design

Additional white table, to serving your dishes, of course, the size of the table used must conform with extensive kitchen space

This Kitchen set design is actually less able to accommodate fully the functions of an actual kitchen set, because a lot of parts that must be removed, such as sinks, prep tables, and cabinets to store equipment. for those of you who don't really have cooking intense, but still want to have a kitchen set, this design may be appropriate

Here another design but still have the same concept

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